Aegolian magnets are big pieces of cobalt with large capabilitys that normal magnets wouldn't have, these destructive capabilitys involve the disruption of mind patterns in the human body. Aegolian magnets were named after Aegolius, King of the Pure Ones, they can only be found deep in mines of St. Aegolius Canyons.


The most common Aegolian magnet is cobalt. The magnets of cobalt have several cobalt atoms lined up in the correct magnetic position & have a magnetic field. But Aegolian magnets are cobalt coated with rock minerals that have been buryed for centurys, these conditions supercharge an enormous magnetic field when several pieces are stored together, a full load of them would be at least 50 pieces of them scraped from the rock & they can go as long as 5,000 miles. Like all magnets, the only way to destroy them is to burn them


The magnetic field of Aegolian magnets are so strong & destructive, they can paralyze the minds & stun or confuse the central nervous system. The magnets would cause powerful hallucinations, buzzes in the back of one's head & vegetate them from movements of running, jumping or anything fast or even cause extreme insanity.

History of usesEdit

Founding of the St. Aegolius Academy for OrphansEdit

Aegolius started the St. Aegolius Academy for Orphans, which he found magnets in the rocks archaeologists had been looking at before they were chased away

Wars of YoreEdit

First WarEdit

Aegolius failed to use the magnets for a Devil's Triangle, he didn't have the proper mining equipment, so mining was pointless & production of the magnets slowed or even stopped when Lowak of Iks liberated the canyons during Lyze of Kiel's battle in the mountains with Aegolius.

Second WarEdit

Before the second war was officially declared, Aegolius trapped Ezylryb (the new name of Lyze of Kiel) in a Devil's Triangle, but when Kowalski (Lowak's new name) saved him, the king of Yore, Boron, was notifyed & war was declared. Aegolius set up secret storages of magnets that Devil's Triangles would be so it would be harder to find them.