After the Second War of Madagascar & Africa, the Madagascan Empire dominated Africa & the population had to answer to the Juliens. When Jack Winston became self-appointed lord, a group of Madagascan Separatists, more than half of the Madagascan population, seceded from the Madagascan-Winston Empire & the news gave the Africans the chance to declare their independence. These events would start the Erian Civil War.


Pre-war eraEdit

Main article: Africa

Erian Civil WarEdit


The Africans seceded & began a lawless march that they televised live to Jack Winston. The lord was repulsed by the scenes of crime: sex, drugs & violence. Winston ordered them to return to their lives & burn their flags or he will send an army to stop the march. Sensing that he was weak in that case, they made the march worse as lesbians, gays & bisexuals had been attracted & began to rape/molest heterosexuals.


Main article: Erian Civil War


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