African Jubilee Disease

A microscopic view of the disease

African Jubilee Disease is a bacterial disease that is fatal by it's nature. It is noninfectious, but it is contracted by contact with unsterilized natural byproducts from Africa.


African means it involves or is related to the lands of Africa or the African Empire. A Jubilee is usually a gem made from heat or is sometimes referring to fire. The acronym for the disease is AJD.


The only known cause of AJD is contact with a natural byproduct of Africa while the victim is suffering a third degree burn, where the skin is charred or the insides of a certain part of their body is exposed.


Madagascan, Amazonian & African medicines can treat the disease, but they can only help delay the disease.


There is no known cure for the disease, the best treatments for the disease cannot cure it either. The disease is often seriously damaging, if not fatal, usually the latter, during or after treatment.


The following are known to have been killed or infected by the disease:


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