Algernon Hawthorne
Vital statistics
Born on:
Died on: March 26, 153 B.C.
Gender: Male
Race: White
Social life
Other statistics
Occupations: Terrorist
Resides on/in: Africa, Eris
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
Other Appearances:
Last Appearance:

Algernon James Hawthorne is an African terrorist & younger brother of Thomas Hawthorne, a sympathizer of the Madagascan Death Clan, the terrorist group Algernon was a part of. Hawthorne committed the murder of George Madagascar & was killed trying.


Early Years & TerrorismEdit


Hawthorne engaged in the three man mission to execute George Madagascar for tyranny & being a lord that deserved exiled banishment out of Africa. Hawthorne managed to bypass the two man guard security protecting the doors as they were intercepted by the Marcus twins, who died killing the guards. Hawthorne then attacked Madagascar & was beaten in the skirmish that ensued before finally overpowering & stabbing the lord. Before he could leave, an African Royal Security agent entered the building & Hawthorne killed the agent & was shot by another.


The death of Algernon Hawthorne ended up having Thomas Hawthorne withdraw any & all support or positive feelings towards the Madagascan Death Clan. Hawthorne penny-pinched Clyde when operating on Blinky & moved to Madagascar, where he would switch sides & become the Madagascan Surgeon General during the Second War. To put pressure on the doctor, the Julien Murder Strike Team framed him by putting a photo of him inside the book to have him involved should the book fall into Madagascan hands & the petition for citizenship had been withdrawn after news of Julien XII's death & he was arrested, but eventually escaped imprisonment. Hawthorne then became a prisoner of war in the war prison built in African-controlled Chapel Island & was unjustly tryed & found guilty by Clemson as a traitor, double agent & fraud as a doctor, which meant his degrees being declared void & removal from the African medicinal history books. Hawthorne then was declared to have the death sentence & was put into Ice Lock a few weeks after.


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