Before recorded history in the universe, there were races of ancient human species that evolved & adapted to certain conditions & resided on their own planets. This creation of the human species led to the beginning of ancient civilization, which was in the era of the unknown, & it went extinct when the era ended as history was recorded.

Known studys of historyEdit

The studys of ancient civilization is/was one of the largest investigations & wonders about history & the universe.


According to Julien XIII on Eris, in a conversation about family lines & historical backgrounds to Bart Sampson, there are no known records or any documents referring to the times of the ancients. Back in that time, there wasn't even the calendar that recorded any specific date or years. The end of the era of the unknown had happened on the date that a calendar was created. The year in universal time was considered 1000 B.C., Before Combustion, which was due to actions that would end the universe. On an Erian family tree, which Bart Sampson examined, there was a line at the top, branching out at the bottom to Thaddeus Madagascar, the Charles family & Alexander Africa, but at the very top, the line ended in a blank. Julien explained that this sudden blank was because the author of this original tree back in those times had no records of any ancestral relatives of the Charles family or Thaddeus Madagascar or Alexander Africa. This is one of the only recorded links to ancient civilization in the universe. Notable accounts of storys back before recorded history were never revealed as no one ever wrote anything down on anything that was to be recorded in history. Most historians on Saturn research & investigate for the records of ancient history, these historians are called unknowians, because they are searching for unknown information.


No true artifacts from ancient civilization exist from anywhere predating 1000 B.C.. Remnants of ancient artifacts had been either buryed, lost or destroyed. In cultural references, no entertainment existed, there were no books or storys. There were no recordings of music or plays.

Found documentsEdit

The only documents that record history on Saturn had all deteriorated or been lost or destroyed, accidentally or intentionally.

Lost documentsEdit


Documents in Saturn were hidden by some people considered cavemen, who were not as smart as other human races existing on Saturn. They, however, invented the technique of mining by burying documents of anything deep within the planet.


Other documents have been lost for ages, being destroyed or carryed around Saturn by winds or water.

Destroyed documentsEdit


A common reason for ancient documents to be destroyed is the aging of paper & wearing of ink. Some documents had disintegrated to dust while others were buryed & eventually fell to pieces.

Lab destructionEdit

Races of humansEdit

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