Andrew Thomas is the brother of an unidentifyed military soldier who used to work for Colonel Orenthal Winston. Thomas was kidnapped by African forces & imprisoned by Pinky, where he died.


Early YearsEdit

Prisoner of war termEdit

Thomas was eventually captured at some point just after the Second War began. After some point in time, he was killed in his imprisonment.


Thomas was sentenced to death by order of Clemson upon refusing to turn over information about his brother or any military formations from the Madagascan Navy. Records recovered say that Pinky was to be his executioner & she molested him in his cell before kissing him to death.


Andrew Thomas became known as one of the very few victims of the Ice Kiss. He was found by the Madagascan Navy in the prison facility with the bodys of other victims, only his & Suzie Smith's had been identifyed. While being moved, his brother noticed a red kiss mark on his left cheek. Another kiss mark was found on Suzie Smith's right cheek, these were the signature kisses that Pinky left behind on her dead victims.


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