Andromeda 1
Launch Statistics
Launched on: Never launched
Landed on: Never launched
Service/Command Module: Test module
Planetary Module: No landing vehicle
Planet explored: No planets intended
Directed by the: Andromeda Program
Crew statistics
Crew at launch: No launch crew due to mission cancellation
Original crew:
Backup crew:
Recorded statistics
Proceeded by: Great Space War
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
Other Appearances:
Last Appearance:

Andromeda 1 was the first intended Andromeda mission. It was intended to be a test flight. The mission was to test the new Saturn V launch vehicle & test the reentry vehicle, the CSM. The test mission was scrapped due to a horrible fire on the launch pad during the test on Ring 1, 27, 480 B.C..


Original crewEdit

Name Position Status
David Chase Commander Never flew in space
Michael Van Houseman Service Module Pilot Flew in space once
Roger Claude Landing Vehicle Pilot Flew in space twice

Backup crewEdit

Name Position Status
Bart Sampson Commander Flown in space countless times
Milhouse Van Houseman Service Module Pilot Flown in space several times
Jake Claude Landing Vehicle Pilot Never flown in space



Ring 1, 27, 480 B.C.Edit



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