Andromeda 191
Launch Statistics
Launched on: Ring 1, 28, 478 B.C.
Landed on:
Service/Command Module:
Planetary Module:
Planet explored: Intended to be Pluto
Directed by the: Andromeda Program
Crew statistics
Crew at launch:
Original crew: Same as the launch
Backup crew:
Recorded statistics
Proceeded by: Andromeda 190
Succeeded: Andromeda 192
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
Other Appearances:
Last Appearance:

Andromeda 191 was dedicated to be the final mission to any celestial bodys located within the Aldetra nebula. However, a disaster struck when the crew perished after the launch.



The rocket launched on Ring 2, 28, 478 B.C., just one day after the 2nd memorial anniversary for the Andromeda 1 fire.


Approaching an altitude when the rocket would eventually disappear, a haze of foam & gases began to appear around the rocket & some of it leaked from the S-IC engines & cracks between the S-IC & S-II & the S-II & S-IVB & the LES. The crew never witnessed this & contemplated abort. 73 seconds after launch, Anderson pulled the abort handle & the whole rocket exploded.


The problem during the launch was the LES. The foamy gases around the rocket were an unusual meteorological effect from winds & the gases were potent rocket fuel that wasn't lit. Some was harmless. The crew believed that the rocket would be destroyed in the middle of the flight & they aborted the mission with the second handle, activating the LES. First, the LES had a defect & the boost protective cover on the CM wasn't perfect & the LES gases were too strong. Second, the burning of the LES caused the gases surrounding the spacecraft to ignite & combust to create an explosion, destroying the entire rocket. Had the crew stayed within the mission or jettisoned the LES & used the Abort 1 method, this disaster could have been averted.


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