Andromeda 205
Launch Statistics
Launched on:
Landed on:
Service/Command Module: Hyperion

2,500 lb. Houses 3

Planetary Module: Rhea

1,950 lb. Houses 2

Planet explored: Minerva
Directed by the: Andromeda Program
Crew statistics
Crew at launch:
Original crew:
Backup crew:
Recorded statistics
Proceeded by: Andromeda 203
Succeeded: Andromeda 218
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
Other Appearances:
Last Appearance:

Andromeda 205 is the 10th successful mission on the Andromeda Program. It landed on the planetoid of Minerva, which was originally scheduled for Andromeda 203 before it's accident.


Final/Original crewEdit

Name Position Status
Bart Sampson Commander Fifth spaceflight
John Chase Service Module Pilot Second spaceflight
Frank Johnson Planetary Module Pilot Fourth spaceflight

Backup crewEdit

Name Position Status
Milhouse Van Houseman Commander Four spaceflights
James Bell Service Module Pilot Two spaceflights
George Anderson Planetary Module Pilot Two spaceflights


Coming soon


Andromeda 205 launch

Andromeda 205 launches from the East Hyperion spaceport (this is where Houston came up the CSM name Hyperion)

Andromeda 205 launched at Ring 7, 18, 474 B.C., the Saturn V was relocated to the East Hyperion spaceport rather than launch from the traditional Stygian spaceport. This was as a precaution for the Saturnian-world class mechanics & safety inspectors to review the entire CSM & PM to insure corrections to the Odyssey module. There was also an adding of a liquid helium reservoir & liquid oxygen coatings to insure a preventions of pogo oscillations during the launch that were observed in the previous mission.


The mission, like Andromeda 203, took about 2 days to reach Minerva. No explosion occurred on Day 3 when the modules would enter the Minervan orbit. Bart Sampson & Frank Johnson left the CSM & prepared to land on Minerva while John Chase prepared to jettison the PM. Once everything was clear, Chase jettisoned the PM after closing off the door & pressurizing the locks, which had been a problem on Andromeda 203 as the door to the PM & CM kept opening due to the failure of the hydraulic pressure locking mechanism. Johnson landed the module easier than the Andromeda 201 landing. Chase began orbitting Minerva while Bart Sampson & Frank Johnson stepped off the PM on the surface to walk on Minerva.

Extra-vehicular activityEdit

Chess Masters wanted to begin a new part of the program, which was to introduce the Planetary Rover (PR). The PR was situated in the lower section of the PM, under

Andromeda Service-Command Module

Hyperion in orbit around Minerva

Andromeda Planetary Module Minerva

Rhea, the planetary module landing on Minerva

living quarters. The PR was installed & Bart Sampson & Frank Johnson began riding it. Masters claimed it was to gather rocks off of Minerva. John Chase, designer of the rover, accidentally forgot to charge fuel cells 2 & 5, this left the rover running slower than usual & they couldn't stray away from Rhea by 5 miles.


After powering down the rover, Sampson & Johnson got into the module & then, lifted up to Hyperion.


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