Anotic pharylaxisym is a chemical from a plant called haplock that grows on Chiron. It serves as a depressant & truth serum.


In the Third War of Yore, rebel forces captured Yorian soldiers & forced them to take the drug as a truth serum. The way the truth serum works is that the broken will & lost happiness will cause the victim to denounce everything they know about the subject & will not be able to control themselves. Symptoms of the drug kick in after at least 1-2 minutes. However, the truth serum use led to the deaths of Ezylryb & Kowalski, when Ezylryb deliberately committed suicide by ingesting a poison tablet to avoid questioning & Kowalski went yeep & drowned himself to prevent an airborne capture for interrogation.


The symptoms of the ingestion or injection of the chemical is a depressant drug. This chemical would cause a breakdown of hormones inside of a person. Depending on age & the maturity of the hormones, the chemical has different effects. On a teenager or an adult, it would cause the hormones that control emotions to stop functioning properly, causing happiness, spirit, courage, sense of free will & any other kind of positive emotion to literally vanish into thin air. This is why the chemical is called a depressant: it literally depresses the victim. In the victim, their emotions range from just mood swings of depression to anger to the degree of absolute depression, where the whole victim is so sad, they can't think of anything happier than their condition at that point. Repeated use of the chemical drug can cause the degree of emotion to deepen in range of depression, which the repetitive use can cause a psychologically physical addiction & force the user the need of it. After addiction has built up, withdrawal symptoms can be sudden rage to thoughts of murder to suicide. However, prolonged exposure to the drug will eventually lead to premature death, which can come faster if an overdose is achieved as the drug will become extremely toxic.


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