The assassination attempt on Julien XIII's life was a failed attack on Julien XIII before the signing of the Julienian Articles.


Main article: Second War of Madagascar & Africa



The JMST swam to shore at Blood Bath Bay & stole a small rowboat. Overnight, the quartet sailed into Madagascar & arrived at Shell Cottage. They shoplifted a market & then got back on the boat & headed for Chapel Island. The quartet then abandoned ship & began to swim offshore & Clyde briefed the plan: they were to infiltrate the Vegas Casino & attack Julien. However, Pinky & a drunk Inky began to start acting silly & Clyde snapped them into focusing. They were, however, unaware that Julien was on a boat & was launching fireworks from the Ocean to celebrate the assumed defeat of the Africans. This was not true yet because even though Clemson was dead, the official surrender was to sign a treaty, called the Julienian Articles


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