There was an attempted invasion of Saturn by Neptune in the Great Space War, proceeded by the failed Uranian invasions.


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The First Uranian invasionEdit

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After winning over the Neptunians & Plutians, Uranians decided to begin their siege to invade Saturn. However, the Neptunians weren't alerted in time to hear the news of the Uranians' siege & failed to follow the small war fleet that began attacking the Saturnian Border Patrol. Only in 2 days, the Uranians called a retreat back to Uranus while the Neptunians had just arrived at Uranus.

The Second Uranian invasionEdit

Main article: Attempted Uranian invasion of Saturn#The Second Invasion (Ring 4, 28-Ring 5, 6, 496 B.C.)

The Uranians rebuilt their starfleet by the aid of the Neptunians, on Ring 5, 3, 496 B.C., the Uranians called the Neptunians to send their entire fleet to aid & the Plutian fleet as well, but the next day, the Uranians re-retreated again. But only the day after that, the Neptunian & Plutian fleets had arrived.


Fighting the Saturnians (Ring 5, 7-8, 496 B.C.)Edit

The Neptunians began to attack the Saturnian ships vigorously, barrelling down GX's & XT's in sight & on Ring 5, 8, 496 B.C., Bart Sampson got so exhausted that the fleet was on the verge of taking the fight down to the grounds of Saturn as the space battle wouldn't last longer, but unfortunately for the Neptunians, the Jupiterians had arrived, who'd been called only a few days earlier during the Uranian invasion.

Fighting the Jupiterians (Ring 5, 8-10, 496 B.C.)Edit

The Jupiterians had gunners ready for battle & XT's & GX's had already been deployed at the sight of Saturn. The Jupiterians began to go in for the kill & began to hold the border of Saturn while the Saturnians retreated to the surface. The Jupiterians managed to let the Saturnians rest & fought the Neptunian fleet with more force that the Plutian fleet had been destroyed in only a day. But the Neptunians refused to retreat, but finally, the stakes of the death toll overwhelmed the Neptunians & they retreated while the Jupiterians began to send half their fleet after them while the other half returned to their posts to guard Jupiter. The Saturnians returned to holding the borders for themselves.


The failure of the third invasion discouraged the Uranians from invading even further. But the failure of the battle had put Neptune & Pluto into the losing side of the war as the planets were under siege by the attacking Jupiterian fleet & the Martians had raced to Neptune & Pluto & in Ring 11, 30, 496 B.C., the Neptunians & Plutians surrendered to Jupiter & Mars. The failed invasions symbolized the turning point & the fall of the Andromedians in the war as the Aldetrians would begin to tackle Mercury & Venus & then work to Uranus. On Ring 5, 2, 495 B.C., Uranus surrendered.