Atticus Johnson is the leading dominant figure of the Democratic Party in the Madagascan Royal Court, leader of Royal Security & a well-known political figure. Prior to March 21, 149 B.C., Johnson was second-in-command to the leading figure, Marcus Finch, who led the Royal Court's Democrats & Royal Security. Johnson often attempted to & failed at making friendships between Finch & his archrival, Orenthal Winston, whose friendship was often contested due to Johnson's swerves in loyalty towards the others, often betraying one of them to favor the other.


Early YearsEdit

Johnson grew up in Shell Cottage & became interested in politics & law at a young life. He served as an attorney from age 14 & at sometime, he met Goldie, who became his wife after he turned 16.

Assassination attemptEdit

On April 14, 152 B.C., Johnson, while on the beginning of his reelection campaign for the Court, was reading a book in his hotel room after discussing things on the campaign to his wife, Goldie, who was in Shell Cottage while he was in Wolfenstein. In the same hotel, floors below, a drunken boy named Inky was hired by the African lord Clemson to assist in the assassination of the Juliens. As part of the plan, Inky was to carry out the murder of Atticus Johnson, but no attempt on Johnson's life was made as Inky hammered himself & wandered around Wolfenstein. Johnson later assisted Inky in hospitalizing him in his Shell Cottage home, only setting out a warrant for his arrest upon learning his identity upon Inky's flight. Johnson issued an additional charge for raping his wife.

Sampson eraEdit

Second WarEdit


Later lifeEdit


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