Blood Bath Bay was an area of Amazonia that is on the African side of the Amazon Ocean. The bay is an hometown to those who follow up on their pirate forefathers, how back during the first few days of Madagascar & Africa after the First War, ever since Africans, the Amazon tribes & Madagascans put merchandise boats on water, the pirates stole their treasures.


First WarEdit

Pirates in the First War only had reason to fight by attacking African & Madagascan naval ships for treasure, Thaddeus Madagascar & Alexander Africa both launched their own pirate elimination program, in which they sank all the pirate boats & ordered allegiance to serve Madagascar/Africa or have no side in the war & stay neutral. Africa believed the pirates had intended to rule the waters of the planet & possibly all of the planet while Madagascar believed they just wanted to get any necessitys Blood Bath Bay lacks or more weaponry, food, fresh drinking water, sailors that wanted to join them & treasure that they believed hiding in the warships.

Between WarsEdit

During the middle of 200-100's B.C., Blinky, a pirate later to grow up to become an African, was born, but lost his first sea battle & washed up in Africa. Later, in March of 150 B.C., Blinky returned with the African Navy with a large sum of money & hired pirates for members of the navy to operate above waters in the open ocean of Madagascar. He hired an old retired pirate named Black Spot Pete to hire his crew if they could prove their salt.