The campaign to discredit Julien XIII & Bart Sampson was a campaign that was a virtually silent successful campaign against Julien XIII's anti-war beliefs & the denial of Bart Sampson's story.

Julien XIIIEdit

Death of Julien XIIEdit

Marcus Finch's reelectionEdit

Bart SampsonEdit

Crash in the SwampEdit




Against JulienEdit

The campaign against Julien had been around longer than the campaign against Bart Sampson. Throughout the year of 152 B.C., Charles Galloway, a snobbish reporter for the Daily Madagascar, was given news of the secret annual meetings that were to deal with the state of the Empire on the lines of it's structure, population & the rest of Eris. The supplyer of the news was the head delegate Marcus Finch. Finch directed the attention to the foreign debates where the Democratic side of the court wanted to declare war on Africa. Julien & the Republicans shot down the idea & raised a violent public outcry. The Africans had committed less approaches directly into the Madagascan Empire, but were disrupting the peace by causing vandalism overnight, interrupting trade with Madagascar through the Amazonians by creating an embargo blockade that cut off the Amazonians' trade routes to Madagascar & prevented the deliverys of crucial supplys that Madagascans needed. Julien's popularity with the public continued it's decline & Julien attempted to dismiss Finch from the court for disclosure of top secret government information & disturbing the political standards of the government's daily functions. However, the process required was to undergo a trial against Finch that would require at least a week to end.

Against BartEdit

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Second WarEdit



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