In Saturnian mythological astrology, Cancer 7-2 is a division constellation of Cancer, which the stars aren't aligned with the figure, dispersing itself to create another constellation, which was a spear that had acute angles at the point, the symbol was known as an omen of war & the angles of the points determined how close that war was, the sharper the point, the closer, the more obtuse, the farther. Cancer 7-2 was spotted in the sky twice on Saturn in 500 B.C. & 490 B.C..


500 B.C.Edit

On Ring 1, 2, 500 B.C., Cancer 7-2 was spotted with obtuse angles, which began to get acuter as time was passing, the estimation of war was announced but what kind was untold until the day that Uranus found out about Saturn's nuclear removal program by space ejection, thus the omen meant of the Great Space War

491-490 B.C.Edit

On Ring 11, 27, 491 B.C., Cancer 7-2 appeared & then disappeared hours later, A few months later, it reappeared with even more acute angles on Ring 2, 28, 490 B.C., The symbol came to realize that of the fact souls were no longer being confined to Hades on Atomic Island & Thanatos wasn't keeping the dead who died on the side of limbo where they belonged. Bart Sampson heard of the speaking of Starlet Diana's sudden appearance & claim she'd left Atomic Island as Thanatos had been killed & she'd been freed. Bart investigated & found out about Ivan the Dead & his attack on Thanatos & escape from Hades. The symbol meant war between the Aldetra Nebula siding with Thanatos, Charon & Hades of Atomic Island against the army of Ivan the Dead & those who chose to fight to destroy the three gods & rid the universe of death.