Chapel Island Sound is an enclosed area between the mainland of Madagascar & Chapel Island, it's calm waters are cut off from the rest of the open ocean. The Sound was taken over in the Second War by the naval forces of Blinky & Pinky.


First WarEdit

In the first war, the sound was a harbor that hid ships in the Madagascan waters. Chapel Island was protected by an aurora that was bent to surround the island by the Olympian Sky Spirits.

Between WarsEdit

The sound became an area for rescue boats during naval patrols to sail through in the case of an accident far out in open water from the boathouses, such as the Great Drownings.

Second WarEdit

When Pinky took over Chapel Island, the sound fell with it & rescue boats failed to help naval members as Pinky's submarine navy torpedoed ships that dared to sail near the island & the boats had to face the fact of rowing across the rough waters of the ocean & Blinky's wrath to get to the drowners during the second war.