Charles Galloway was a newspaper reporter who worked with Marcus Finch in a campaign to discredit Julien's anti-war movements at the time of the attacks before the Ambush of Wolfenstein. Galloway sued Dimitri Winston once before after engaging in a case of assault after Winston saw an article that mocked his family after his father's death.


Early YearsEdit

Daily MadagascarEdit

Galloway began working for the newspaper & often received news from the Royal Court in 154 B.C. when Marcus Finch, one of his friends, was elected, to which he also helped Finch's campaign against Jason Lovell.

Death of Cornelius Winston & LawsuitEdit

A major blow to the media struck when General Cornelius Winston died of a heart attack when he was drinking at a bar. Galloway poked fun at the Winston family. Dimitri Winston, seeing this & knowing who wrote the article, set out for Galloway. He found him & assaulted the reporter. Winston was arrested, but was acquitted of the charges. Galloway, angry that Winston had not been found guilty, filed a lawsuit against the family. There, he delivered an ultimatum: the Winstons pay off the money he wants or he'll spill the whole incident onto the front page of every issue of the Daily Madagascar in blazing headlines that would rage until the case ends. Colonel Orenthal Winston, not wanting his newest career as a colonel soiled so early, decided to pay off the debt. However, Charlie & Dimitri refused to pay the debt & the whole case became front page news. In the end, the Winstons lost & had to pay Galloway even more money as of his hospital bill & the money it took to print all the articles. If the Winstons had just done what Orenthal wanted to do, they would've had to just cover the hospital bill.

Campaign to discredit Julien XIII & Bart SampsonEdit

Galloway campaigned for Finch's reelection & Finch won again. The next year, Bart Sampson crashed into Eris. Not believing the story or simply denying the truth, Finch reported the trial to the papers & began a six-month long campaign to discredit Julien & Bart, who both disagreed with the war movement.

War WatchEdit


In 148 B.C., Galloway was marked suspected & was arrested on the charges of libel, forgery, bribery & blackmail. A year later, his case was closed when other charges were added: having raped Julia V, committing a count of assault & battery & at least two murders. He was convicted with 20 years in prison for libel, 5 for forgery, 5 for bribery, 35 for blackmail, 10 years for rape, 5 for assault & battery & at least 50 for murder, adding up to 130 years in prison, which in other words meant life imprisonment. Galloway died in prison sometime about a year or two afterwards.


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