Clyde is an African contract killer, who was hired by Lord Clemson of Africa, along with his friends, Pinky, Inky & Blinky, to murder Lord Julien of Madagascar. Clyde is the leader of the Julien Murder Strike Team, his tactical idea of Julien's death is by fire.


Pre-151 B.C.Edit

Clyde was hired at some time with his friends by Lord Clemson to kill Lord & King Julien XII & Julien XIII in a plot to take over Madagascar. Clyde decided to use fire as a way to murder Julien. Clyde was responsible for the death of Lord Julien XII & Julien XIII sought to avenge his father's death by putting Clyde into custody, Clyde was foiled when he tryed to murder Julien, who happened to be a warrior at the time of his princehood at the age of 10, who met Clyde in the caldera of Mount Kilimanjaro, an inactive stratovolcano just beyond Mount Madagascar, but next to the swamp. Clyde's machine had been disabled, but Clyde had somehow survived being burned or he somehow avoided the lava by clinging to rocks while Julien believed his defeat was inevitable & departed just minutes before Clyde's friends, Pinky, Inky & Blinky, arrived to find him, angry & ready to fight Julien.

150 B.C.Edit

In March of 150 B.C., Clyde followed Julien into the Madagascar Temple & fought Julien & Bart Sampson. Sampson easily defeated Blinky & Inky, narrowly avoided getting frozen by Pinky, Clyde chased Sampson around the chamber, while sending fireballs of exploding death around, causing the structures they fought on top of to break down & lose chunks. Clyde & his friends were defeated & they left the chamber unnoticed. A week later, Orenthal, Julien's inactive officer of the army, noticed Clyde & Inky around the entrance of the chamber, upon further investigation, Sampson appeared & assumed that Clyde & his friends were planning to loot the chamber & he locked down the entrance & sent them tumbling into a barrel that he threw into the water, which drifted through the Amazon.


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