Cornelius Orenthal Winston was a long line descendant of Charles Winston & is the father of Colonel Orenthal Winston. Cornelius was the head of the department of Royal Security as colonel during the Twelfth Julienian administration. Cornelius witnessed the aftermath of Julien XII's brawl with the African murderer, Clyde.

Known BioEdit

Pre-153 B.C.Edit

Cornelius Winston was born a long time before & later marryed a girl during Julien XII's reign & had a son named Orenthal.

Death of Julien XIIEdit

One night, Colonel Winston's security cameras programmed footage of Clyde moving through the compound, which since Clyde was an African, it was illegal for him to be there on Madagascan soil. Winston reported Julien XII of Clyde's presence & left to get his troops down in the village of Wolfenstein while Julien dealt with Clyde. Winston climbed back up the mountain & saw Clyde ready to deal with Julien XIII. Clyde retreated & Maurice, Julien XII's right-hand man became lord


Winston's spirit died as did many other Madagascans'. The Royal Revolution began as Royal Security was no longer controlled by the military, but by the court of Madagascar. Struck from his grief, Winston died on October 9, 152 B.C., he didn't live long enough to see Julien XIII's birthday & crowning as lord.


After Cornelius' death, Orenthal inherited his position as colonel of the Madagascan Armed Forces, leading the Madagascan Army, Navy & later Sky Force.