Countess Pinky, also called the Pink Countess, is the ghost-vampire cross version of Pinky. She lives on Mount Everest where she battled Julien XIII & haunted the mountains everywhere around it, except for Mount Madagascar & Kilimanjaro.


Beginning of Countess PinkyEdit

Pinky died on Mount Everest to flee from the Madagascan forces. She froze into the snow & climbers who went to explore to see of Julien XIII's battle there found her frozen in a block of ice. The Madagascans gave her & Blinky burials at sea. Pinky was cut into pieces & was intended to go to the sharks for their lunch, but her body got swept over Niagara Falls & her body decayed in the swamp. Angry for not being put to rest in a proper burial, her, like Blinky, Inky & Clyde, soul returned to Eris & the four decided to terrorize four areas of the Madagascan Empire. Blinky was expelled to the sky over the Madagascan mainland & ocean & every landmark, such as Chapel Island, Mount Madagascar from the edge of the Black Forest to the volcano area. Inky roamed the Black Forest which spread from the end of Blinky's territory to Mount Everest's mountain territory. Clyde took the area surrounding Mount Kilimanjaro & Pinky took Everest. Pinky was adopted the name the Pink Countess, as she turned herself into a vampire & feasted on the blood & souls of her victims.

Attacks on MadagascarEdit

For years, Countess Pinky attacked her victims. Climbers who came to the top of Mount Everest, where captured by her unresting ghost & taken to an ice chamber she'd lived in during the time Julien XIII was hunting her. She then used another version of her kiss from when she was alive. She would clamp her mouth over the victim's, then, she would bite the victim's tongue & drink on the blood, as well as biting their throat. Her saliva would leak into the victim's blood & make them become a frozen statue just like her lipstick would do, but then, she'd suck on the victim's mouth & pull their soul into her mouth, which she would swallow it.