Darrel Shane was a friend of the football player, James Anderson, in the Saturnian Academy. Shane was the halfback & suffered a severe allergy from the chocolate laxative smuggled into the celebration cake.


Early YearsEdit

Conspiracy to sabotage football gameEdit

One day, James Anderson witnessed Milhouse Van Houseman & his girlfriend, Jane Smith, at football practice, making out. Angered by this, Anderson & Shane went after Milhouse & brutally attacked him several times to get a clear message to stay away from Smith, who grew even more attracted to Milhouse as she found her boyfriend as a senseless brute. During several brutal attacks on Milhouse, Shane & Anderson are often ambushed & berated by Bart Sampson, who in turn has to fight both of them to protect Milhouse & himself. This involvement in an attempt to stop a fight was from Bart's friendship & the fact that Milhouse had asked him to be around to protect him from Shane & Anderson, which was guerrilla strategy to catch the two attacking Milhouse. Upon realizing this was not working & even though Bart was trying to save Milhouse from total disfigurement & the principal ended up punishing him & Milhouse rather than the attackers, Milhouse decided to take the matters into his own hands, use it & control it with his brains. During an elective choice, Milhouse chose cooking to gain credits to graduate & he used this to his advantage: The football team had won the semifinals & were on their way to the championships. Milhouse decided to bake them a cake to celebrate & in a form of revenge, he disguised the middle layer of the cake with chocolate flavored laxative as a substitute for frosting. Bart Sampson, who was on dish duty, serving his punishment, witnessed this happen.

Championships & PrankEdit

Later YearsEdit


James AndersonEdit

Jane SmithEdit

Milhouse Van HousemanEdit

Bart SampsonEdit

Shane has a negative relationship with Bart Sampson, which is due to constant brawls between the two. They often are the result of James Anderson & Shane himself bullying Milhouse Van Houseman, which leads Bart to attempt to break up the attack & ends up being forced to fight to protect himself.


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