Death Streamlining or Death Lining or Streamlining is a technique of a soul's decided fate in Atomic Island before they die. Streamlining was commonly used for those sent to Asphodel or the Forge.

Streamlining ProcessEdit

The process requires a free court case on a soul, Hades watches all souls & determines whether he can streamline them or require a case to determine their innocence & evasion of afterlife punishment. If the soul is streamlined, the judges vote & 3 out of 5 have to vote for the soul to evade Options 1 & 2 while requiring 4 to escape the Forge & unanimous meant that they definitely went to Asphodel. After a soul is streamlined, if sent to the Forge or Asphodel, Charon would bring them to the direction of the court after they die & they'd meet Thanatos, who would direct them to the correct road. If streamlined for Option 1 or 2, they would be sent to the court & the verdict would already be given.

Known StreamlinersEdit


  • Diana - Streamlined to Asphodel for entertaining many Uranians while under hardships to help the planet

Option 1 PunishmentsEdit

  • Ivan the Dead - Streamlined after his escape, Thanatos was sent to capture him & make sure the Gates of Fate were locked so he couldn't escape, burned by Torque