Diana is the evil Othryian goddess of hate & is the opposite of her Olympian counterpart, Diane. Julien XIII describes her as the spreader of hate. She carrys a bow & quiver of arrows that are suck love & blow hate. Julien also described she's the only goddess that her presence couldn't hurt anyone.



Her presence invokes fear, sadness & hate. She is beautiful like Diane, but carrys a quiver full of arrows that have ends that look like suction cups.

Hate ArrowsEdit

Like Diane, Diana would take an arrow & fire it at a person, but the arrows hurt the person's soul, which they suck on the love of the victim & make him/her hate anybody of the opposite gender, which the hatred can spread by a kiss of hate.

Diana's KissEdit

Julien XIII described that Diana had an evil weapon she could use on the person she seeks. She could hunt someone, encounter them in person & then, she would give the Kiss of Deadly Hate. The person kissed would have their soul sucked on & Diana could destroy all the love of the victim to kill them by sucking their life force from their body to sucking out their soul.