Dr. Prune's Chocolate flavored laxative is a laxative made by the Dr. Prune Inc. It is chocolate flavored & is used to treat constipation & other gastrointestinal distress. Milhouse Van Houseman somehow acquired a tube of it & used it to prank the football team of the Saturnian Space Academy.


Milhouse Van HousemanEdit

Main article: Laxative Cake Prank of the Saturn Football Game

Milhouse Van Houseman used this laxative as a way of revenge by pranking the football jocks that bullyed him about his glasses & strength. Milhouse baked the entire team a cake for success of their undefeated season, which if the game they played was won, not lost or forfeited, they would go onto the champs. Milhouse made the cake & squeezed in the laxative, which appeared like chocolate icing, into the center of the cake, leaving enough so every slice had at least 1 in.2. Bart Sampson recounted this occasion to Jack Stewart after he taunted Milhouse, warning him of Milhouse's cunning & deviousness.


Jack Stewart claimed his eldest cousin used the same kind of laxative to help him when he couldn't excrete.


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