Vampiral Throat Kiss

Dracula kissing Diana's throat

Dracula was a vampire who lived on Uranus & preyed on the blood of women in the late 500's & early 400's. Dracula was recognized by many Uranians for the death of the famous Uranian starlet, Diana, by kissing her throat numerous times.

Bio & LegacyEdit

Dracula was known as the "father of all ghouls" as he was the first known ghoul to ever be seen on Uranus.

The Kiss that killed DianaEdit

Dracula was known for his murder of Diana, a famous Uranian starlet, whom he found perfect for drinking by his pursuit of blood & he captured her heart the second he met her. But Diana was oblivious to the fact that Dracula was a ghoul until she realized her problems & how she never remembered staying awake many times with Dracula & she did research & found out about Dracula's true identity, willing to dump Dracula, Dracula knocked Diana out after Diana refused to be nice to him & he kissed her throat, sucking up the last drops of blood left in her.


Dracula mysteriously disappeared off the face of Uranus & was never seen or heard of for years, even after Diana's rebirth, which Diana would want to avenge her old life by destroying Dracula for murdering her at such a young age.