A' 'duel is a battle between two partys, but there are two types: a combat duel, between two individual people who stand a certain distance from each other & injure or kill each other with no physical bodily contact, but by the means of a weapon. This type of duel should not be confused with a melee duel, a one-on-one fight involving melee injurys by bodily contact.

Combat duelEdit

Main article: Combat duel

Melee duelEdit

Main article: Melee duel


  • Combat duels involve weapons without physical contact, a melee duel can involve weapons, but mostly revolves around the use of hands & feet
  • Combat duels are public with two "teams", involving a second to assure that the others don't cheat, but in melee duels, they can be public or private & do not involve the standard formalitys of a combat duel so long as it involves the use of melee attacks
  • Melee duels can erupt into brawls, which is a larger scale of this type of duel involving two groups battling with melee attacks (fist fight).


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