The Ember of Yore was an ancient ember of the tree/island of Yore. It was claimed to never die & was lit for ages since the times before recorded history. The legend was that the person who brings the ember to the tree of Yore will turn the tree gold & become the true king till the very second he dies. The first person to have brought along the ember to the tree was a boy named Harold Yore, whose last name was used to name his kingdom. The Ember went missing for centurys after his death & no one found it or claimed it to be delivered to the tree, out of the risk of death or the weight of the burden of kingship. At some point in the Second War of Yore, Aegolius, king/leader of the Pure Ones, intent on destroying Yore, obtained hold of the ember & began numerous failed attempts to destroy the Ember. However, in the final battle of the war, Lowak of Iks grabbed the Ember & gave it to his second-in-command, Brian, who then flew onto Yore & became the true king of Yore.


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Between the time of delivery of the ember to the tree by Harold & the time by Brian, there were no true kings or queens of Yore, even though they were considered the monarchs of the tree. In reality, the kings & queens, ex. Boron & Barran, were just stewards to the Tree until the next king arrives with the ember.

Known rulersEdit



Steward Stewardess Status
Leo Julia Served for the First War
Boron Barran Last pair before Brian


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