Enceladus Mountains are mountains that stand to the right of the West Ocean, southwest of Styx & right below Titan Forest. It's name Enceladus comes from the moon of Enceladus, similar to the name of Titan Forest.



The mountain range's name is derived from the fact of the best view of the moon Enceladus. Enceladus seems to "hang over" the mountains as part of it's orbit, similar to Titan hanging over Titan Forest & Hyperion over Hyperion Desert. Enceladus hangs over the mountain for 35 out of 46 nights, On the 23rd night is the best view of Enceladus as a full moon. Strangely, only Rhea has no specific region it can be viewed on land, as describing the area known as Beyond Rhea, which neighbors the mountains on the other side of Saturn. It's possible that Rhea hangs over the East or South Oceans & can only be viewed there.