The Erian Conflicts were a time of war & peaceful dispute between the Erian superpowers, Madagascar & Africa. The conflicts were about who was to rule the planet Eris, thus the name Erian. The Active Erian Conflicts were the conflicts of 995 B.C. through 925 B.C.. The Active Conflicts was actually the First War of Madagascar & Africa. This war marked the establishment of the empires of Madagascar & Africa when the cease fire was called. The Inactive Erian Conflicts were threatened disputes between the Madagascans & Africans between the cease fire of the First War & the declaration of the Second War.





First WarEdit


Second WarEdit


New conflictEdit

Main article: Madagascan conflict

Upon the signing of the Julienian Articles, it decreed that Africa was no longer it's own empire, but was now under the control of Madagascar. This marked the end of the Second War, this finally ended the Erian Conflict. However, years later, the Erian Conflicts were considered the Old Erian Conflicts as a new dispute in Madagascar sparked up, considered the New Erian Conflicts or the Winston or Madagascan Conflicts. James Winston, the new lord, caused this new inactive conflict that later sparked into a total civil war, after his beheading, that eventually regained the destruction of the Julienian Articles, reopening the African Empire with the Separatist Empire & the Madagascan-Winston Empire, run by a corrupt ruler, named Jack Winston.


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