Erwin is an electrical monster that faded into spectral energy in the Spectral Realm after being locked in the dark towers of Thunder Prison for the millennium required for him to fade. He attempted syphoning the Realm twice with his friends, Electrospider & the Atomic Electrosphere, using the Spierwin formation.



It is unknown how Erwin formed, the same mystery is compelled for his friends too. It is claimed he possibly came from the junkyard of the Realm or came from some generator that went haywire.

First time syphoningEdit

It is believed that Erwin possibly tryed to syphon from the Realm itself by himself, but when proven impossible alone, he united with his monster hero, Electrospider & the Atomic Electrosphere & they combined to create a towering formation. They were somehow defeated, unfortunately for Erwin, he got captured by Spectral Security, was disembodyed & thrown into the deep tower cell of Thunder Prison.

Time in Thunder PrisonEdit

Erwin was severely weakened for 999 years & 364 days in the prison


Erwin escaped by the help of a fool that unbolted the opening, but was rescued from the horrific prison by the Electrospider & Electrosphere & regenerated in the junkyard.

Second chance to destroy the RealmEdit

Erwin & his friends syphoned from the Realm several times & kept syphoning nonstop, damaging the Realm to an even more severe degree than the last time. Erwin & his friends then headed straight to the very spot of the Realm they'd realized was what kept the Realm intact & stable at it's worst state possible & they returned to Thunder Prison, The Electrospider began sucking the raw energy out of the tower while the Electrosphere began storing it & Erwin kept lookout as he was the highest up & sent his Spongeotron to defeat Bart Sampson XXV. Sampson disarmed the Spongeotron & forced Erwin & Electrospider to stop syphoning & deal with destroying him themselves.


Sampson cut off Electrospider's legs & Erwin headed to the top of Thunder Prison to find an alternative to destroy the towers, but was cut off by the presence of the returning energy to the towers & faced Sampson, who easily defeated him as he distracted Erwin until Erwin saw himself being lifted off his hovercraft up to the opened hatch of the prison & his last words to Sampson were: "I always hated yellow" & his last thing ever said was: "MOTHER!" before he was pulled into the hatch & faded away overnight.