Exorcism is the magical art of suppressing or expelling unwanted spirits or ghosts from a place deemed haunted. Practitioners who are known for attempting & succeeding this are called exorcists & the verb for it is exorcise. When performed correctly, the exorcised spirit is expelled, or evicted, from the place it is been haunting. If not entirely correct during the procedures or the magic in the procedures was lacking the right strength to expel the spirit, the spirit will be suppressed, or quieted, for a certain period of time, ranging from seconds to years. When spirits are suppressed, no one can tell if it has been expelled & won't know until it begins haunting again.



The most known practice of exorcism is from Eris & is done in steps.

  1. The conditions: the exorcist & spirit must be in the same room, the room must be in dim lighting with no light coming from an artificial source i.e. light bulbs. The equipment needed are candles & sky water. In the case of Julien XIII, he also needed to wear a voodoo crown
  2. Candles are lit & placed. There would be one scented candle that must be lit & stay lit throughout the practice to assure that the spirit will be expelled. If it is extinguished, the spirit will not be exorcised or it will be suppressed
  3. If an object was to be the case of the haunting, the exorcist would take a vial of sky water & sprinkle it all over the object while chanting ancient prayers
  4. However, if it were to be the whole room, the sky water vial would be put on the floor & stomped on by the exorcist while repeating the chant
  5. Finally, to end it, the exorcist would sing an ancient song that would drive the spirit away

Known exorcistsEdit

Known victims of hauntingsEdit


There is some controversy between scientists & exorcists on the beliefs of magical beings such as spirits. In the incident where Julia V's house was haunted, Marcus Finch & Royal Security had already gotten to the house before Julien XIII & denyed a ghost's presence out of the ideas of science. However, Julien, recounting the event claimed that most scientists who believe in the Sky Spirits fail to recognize the belief of magic & are afraid to admit it that magic is real.

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