The First War of Yore was the first war between the king of the Pure Ones, Aegolius against the 249th steward of Yore, Leo.


The state of ChironEdit

Aegolius blamed the Yorians for the sudden change of Chiron's biosphere, causing immense forests of danger, barren wastelands, icy north mountains, giant steep canyons & dryed out deserts.

Building an armyEdit

At a same time, Aegolius became the boyfriend of Nyra, them & their friends, Skench, Spoorn, Jatt & Jutt, decided to rebel against Yore, building up an army. They went into the canyons & created new places & called the academy St. Aegolius Academy for Orphans, as well as calling the canyons the St. Aegolius Canyons. Aegolius ordered Skench to send out their enforcers to "rescue" (kidnap) young children & bring them to the canyons, where they would become soldiers or magnet workers. However, this ploy was discovered by Yore after Aegolius invaded the Ikian & Kielian bases of Yore up in the Northern Kingdoms.


Early State of the WarEdit

Not much is known about the early battles of the war, except the legendary war heroes of Yore, Kiel & Iks, Lyze of Kiel & Lowak of Iks.

Battle of the Ice ClawsEdit


Lyze of Kiel faced Aegolius & fought him, Nyra, Skench & Spoorn at the same time & defeated them, ending the war

Liberation of the CanyonsEdit

While Lyze of Kiel was busy defeating Aegolius, who'd brought along most of everyone in his army, leaving the canyons virtually unguarded, Lowak of Iks liberated the academy after defeating Jatt & Jutt, those who fleed & brought the magnet workers to Yore to be cured of their moon blinking (According to Kowalski, Lowak's fake identity, 23% of the Yorians were those saved from that event)


Aegolius & his remaining rulers of the St. Aegolius Academy for Orphans returned to canyons & found Jatt & Jutt, coming back from fleeing to Kuneer & saw the canyon empty due to Lowak of Iks' liberation of the magnet workers. Aegolius came up with a new program, similar to the old one that started the war, but bigger than the planet itself, getting kids from other planets & the regions of Chiron, this led to the second war after Bart Sampson's escape.