The Flight Director Attitude Indicator (FDAI, also called the 8 ball) is a tool used on the Andromeda spacecraft. It is a small rotating ball that is half-white & half-black, labeled with angles & lines of degrees. The ball has three yellow bars indicating the yaw, roll & pitch positions. There is also a gray semicircle that determines the perpendicular angles to a reference point focused by the spacecraft. On the sides of the ball, two red circles are on the ball. These regions represent the region of gimbal lock.

Gimbal referencesEdit

Gimbal lockEdit

There are two nickel-sized red circles on each side of the ball (thus the name, 8 ball). The circles represent the region of gimbal lock. When one of the circles begins to roll into the window, the gimbal bars & this mean that the gimbals are close to aligning & when it moves to the center, the gimbals have lined up, the system is locked & the attitude references for the ship are lost & in layman's terms, so is the ship itself.


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