Vital statistics
Born on: Sometime before 160 B.C., Blood Bath Bay, Amazonia, Eris
Died on: Sometime after 148 B.C., Chapel Island, Madagascar, Eris
  • Blinky
  • Captain Blinky
  • Flying Dutchman
  • Orange Baron
Gender: Male
Race: White (ghost form, he wears a orange cloak)
Age: Deceased
Social life
  • Blue Baron (only because Blinky is expelled to the sky & Inky already claimed that turf)
  • Himself
Other statistics
  • Piracy (before & after he died)
  • Terrorism (increased to a more severe degree for revenge of the Madagascans after his death)
Resides on/in: S.S. Flying Dutchman (Ghost ship version of the S.S. Africa Death Head), Skys over the lands of the Madagascan Empire between the Black Forest, Mount Everest & Kilimanjaro.
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance: Not yet recorded
Other Appearances: Not yet recorded
Last Appearance: Not yet recorded

The Flying Dutchman (a.k.a. The Orange Baron) is the deceased version of Blinky.


Death of BlinkyEdit

After the Second War, Blinky hid out on Chapel Island to hide from the Madagascan Royal Security. He died there & the Guru of Olympus found him dead at the foot of the Olympus Monumentus. Madagascans put him to a burial at sea by chopping him up & throwing them into the Chapel Island Sound to be eaten by sharks while Pinky was frozen at the top of Mount Everest & was thrown over Niagara Falls.

Rise of the Flying DutchmanEdit

Because he was never put to rest properly, he turned away from his course to Atomic Island in the Sea of Limbo & returned as a ghost in Chapel Island. Blinky sought revenge on those who didn't do the proper burial & planned to terrorize the entire Madagascan Empire & adopted the name, the Flying Dutchman, after he rose a ghost ship from the wreck of his old African pirate boat that was destroyed in the Second War.

Problems with the othersEdit

The Flying Dutchman, who was also called the Orange Baron, caused by his cloak, had problems with the Blue Baron, the Pink Countess & the Red Barons, which were all the other deceased names of Inky, Pinky & Clyde.

Pink CountessEdit

The Flying Dutchman had to stay away from the mountain of Everest as Pinky's soul returned to their, where she became a vampiress. She often bit her victim's necks to drink their blood & forced them to kiss her so she froze them into statues & sucked out their souls. The reason she sucked Madagascan souls out is because she intended to turn every Madagascan she meets into an ice statue, which they can still live in this state since Pinky is a ghost, but if they were to lose their souls, they would die & stay that way.