Galaxy Wars: Post-war life is a book about Bart Sampson & Milhouse Van Houseman in the year 473-470 B.C. after the end of the Great Space War, the War of Death & the attempt made by the Zorgulons to destroy Saturn.


Bart Sampson flys to Styx to revisit Milhouse Van Houseman's old junk shop, which apparently burned down in a mysterious fire during the War of Death. Bart is unable to locate Milhouse's current location & searches for his friend. Bart is sent a request to meet with the government in the Capitol in Ring 12 of the year. Bart is put on the Andromeda 218 mission, but an exasperated Bart refuses to fly on another Andromeda mission due to the insufferable boredom he faces in space travel. Summer comes & Bart refuses to show up for the launch. Chess Masters rants that he will not be flying in any future missions & Bart is replaced by Milhouse, who trains for the launch. Bart meets with the government & is assigned to track down Nelson & his gang & arrest or kill them. During his quest to find Nelson, Bart gets drunk & accidentally angers a local gang leader in a bar in a town in the Hyperion Desert. Bart is challenged to a duel, which he blandly accepts. Bart shoots the leader & later learns he killed a villain who was part of a crime ring that had sprouted out of Nelson & he was the leader of that ring. At the launch of Andromeda 218, with Bart & Chess Masters present, the rocket takes off. During the last minute of the countdown, Bart notices Nelson in disguise & attempts to move in to arrest him, but fails to do so before the rocket launched. 2 days later, Bart breaks down the door on Nelson's hideout & a laser battle ensues, leaving Bart escaping while Nelson ends up killing his entire gang & getting shot by Bart. About a month later, Bart & Milhouse discover that Chess Masters died & about a year later, they discover that John Masters died too. Years later, Milhouse dies & Bart continues to age as he discovers he is immortal. Before Milhouse died, he had studyed nuclear physics & wrote down calculations about the effects atomic radiation had on age. Bart finds Milhouse's notebooks & learns that his DNA must've been corrupted by coming in contact with Saturnium at some point decades before in his life. Bart reviews his life & deduces that in 503 B.C., when he was bathing in the Styx, he had been affected by atomic radiation by nuclear waste deposited somewhere in the river.


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