Galaxy Wars: War of the Ember is the last video game on Chiron.

Playable charactersEdit

  • Bart Sampson
  • Gylfie
  • Twilight
  • Digger
  • Otulissa
  • Primrose
  • Boron
  • Barran
  • Lyze of Kiel/Ezylryb
  • Lowak of Iks/Kowalski
  • Dewlap
  • Brian (debut)
  • Colin (debut)

Non-playable charactersEdit

  • Aegolius
  • Nyra
  • Skench
  • Spoorn
  • Jatt
  • Jutt


The story begins with the preparations for the Siege of Yore. After successfully driving away the Pure Ones, the Yorians invade the Beaks in a rescue mission of Primrose & they storm Cape Glaux. The Yorians return to the Tree & hold off an attack from the south. Forcing the Pure Ones led by Metal Face to retreat, the Yorians fly off after them in pursuit & attack over the Beaks & Tyto. Lyze of Kiel then duels Metal Face & kills Grimble by accident & they fly to the Canyons & set up camp. After infiltrating the Academy, the Yorians reveal themselves & attack. Lyze, Lowak of Iks & Bart Sampson all make several failed attempts to attack Aegolius & Nyra. The Pure Ones overwhelm the losing Yorians, who retreat to Kuneer. The Yorians learn of the Ember of Yore's location in Aegolius' throne room & that he intends to destroy it. With reinforcements coming in, the Yorians defeat the Pure One troop & fly into battle. Bart, Lyze, Lowak & Brian of Yore all gather on the top of the tallest pillar in the canyon & attempt to fly at Aegolius. However, they are swarmed by vampire bats, who threaten the Bat's Kiss, & are forced to plummet out of the sky & land in a ruined mine camp & must put together several potions to destroy a Devil's Triangle surrounding a cauldron for a Steroid Potion & must extinguish mine fires by creating a Water Potion & open a chest to find sources of materials needed for the Steroid Potion. The four all fly up to the throne room. Brian is handed the Ember & flys to Yore, leaving Bart, Lyze & Lowak to deal with Aegolius, Nyra & Skench. Lyze subdues Nyra & Lowak kills Skench. Just before they can assist Bart, Jatt & Jutt arrive & drive the two soldiers away. Bart must then duel with Aegolius & kills the Pure One king. The Yorians return to the Tree & Bart returns to the canyons a few months later & departs for Saturn.


Character abilitysEdit


In some levels, cauldrons will be used to make potent chemicals such as steroids, invisibility, fresher water & fire. Certain characters can use certain cauldrons as long as they know how to make the potion & some potions are known by everyone.


Potion Color Cauldron color Ingredients

Orange (upon completion)
Pale yellow (without ingredients)

Black Flower, bone, tooth

Red (bursting with flames upon completion)
Pale pink (without ingredients)

Purple Wood, gasoline, coal

Blue (watery upon completion)
Pale blue (without ingredients)

Gold Filthy water, vegetation, sponge

Grayish white (upon completion)
Gray (without ingredients)

White Turkey leg, spider, ice pop

Character potionsEdit

  • Steroid potion - Anyone can access
  • Fire potion - colliers only - Bart Sampson, Ezylryb/Lyze of Kiel, Colin, Otulissa
  • Water potion - Kowalski/Lowak of Iks, Brian, Colin, Gylfie, Otulissa
  • Invisibility potion - Bart Sampson, Kowalski/Lowak of Iks, Ezylryb/Lyze of Kiel, Digger, Gylfie, Otulissa





Certain characters can open locked doors that restrict others.

Restricted areasEdit

Where the place is Place Access Accepted Access Denied
Yore Parliament Boron, Barran, Brian, Ezylryb, Kowalski, Lyze of Kiel, Lowak of Iks Bart Sampson, Gylfie, Twilight, Digger, Otulissa, Primrose
Root chamber Bart Sampson, Gylfie, Twilight, Digger, Otulissa, Primrose Boron, Barran, Ezylryb, Kowalski, Lyze of Kiel, Lowak of Iks
Restricted Section of the Library Boron, Barran, Ezylryb, Kowalski, Otulissa, Dewlap, Gylfie Bart Sampson, Twilight, Digger, Lyze of Kiel, Lowak of Iks
St. Aegolius Academy for Orphans Throne Room Aegolius, Nyra, Skench, Spoorn Bart Sampson, Brian, Lowak of Iks, Lyze of Kiel


Pure OnesEdit

Vampire BatsEdit

  • Bat's Kiss - Bats will attack by biting the victim - Kills in seconds

Hazards/Hazardous materials/ElementsEdit

  • Aegolian magnets (alone) - Magnetic field distance depends on amount of Aegolian magnets put together - Will cost 1 heart if approached without mu metal
  • Devil's Triangle - comprised of three amounts of Aegolian magnets - Forces victim out of triangle & costs 1 heart (mu metal does not shield against a Devil's Triangle)
  • Poisons - Kills if exposure is prolonged for more than a few seconds
  • Swamp sludge/water - Kills
  • Fire - Kills


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