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Galaxy Wars I: The Beginning

Galaxy Wars I: The Beginning is the first book of the Galaxy Wars series.


Saturnian warrior & agent of the Border Patrol, Space Cadet Bart Sampson is determined to help with ending the dehydration of the planet as the River Styx had dryed up & everyone on Saturn is on their knees, praying to the great god, Saturn, & his pet, Saturnus, the guardian of life, to bring water. But 5 years go by with no such luck & those praying only died of dehydration. Bart & his girlfriend Olivia, visit Saturnus' rock after Augustus Octavian, the Great Oracle, makes another sacrifice, they sit in front of the god & kiss under mistletoe that grows above them. Bart was ordered to find a way to revive a link to Saturnus to help. Bart's friend, Milhouse, an illegal spacecraft part seller & engineer, tells Bart that Saturnus would require a sacrifice of one's live by flying into the Star of Saturn as a way to revive the planet of it's water. Bart refuses to make such a decision, Milhouse tells Bart that unless Bart makes the sacrifice, the conditions on Saturn would worsen & there is a substance that is in water that would help wake Saturnus' guardianship, but they decide to go to a plan that would require water: Going off of Saturn to find unpolluted/uncontaminated/non-toxic water on other planets. Bart visits each planet individually on his Super Saturn X & gathers up samples of liquid water from the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune & Pluto. But upon every arrival with the samples, Milhouse explains that the water was contaminated with poisons & wastes & would be too toxic, which the poisons would wear out Saturnus' rock. Bart however learns from Milhouse that soil from Venus could help with agriculture when famine comes & that the contaminated watery poisons from both Mercury & Pluto would make great uses for oil in the escape chutes & would decompose the nuclear wastes in the garbage chutes. Bart finally takes a trip to Uranus, hoping that the stereotypes were wrong, in which Saturnians believed the Uranians disposed of their toxic wastes from nuclear fission by pouring it into rivers, contaminating the waters so they wouldn't be helpful. Bart collects 3 samples from Uranus & heads back to Saturn. By now, the conditions have been so severe that Milhouse prayed in the Temple of Saturnus, which wasn't far from his shop, for Bart's safe return & end of the drought. Bart splashes Saturnus' rock, which his skeleton laid inside & immediately, the volcanoes erupted with water, refilling the planet with fresh water that ended the drought.