Red protector Green protector

Protection Policy

Gold protector

Full Protection

If a gold lock appears above the screen, it means this page has been put under full protection until further notice because of excessive vandalism or edit wars. It can be taken down only by authorized administrators, those who choose to take it down before accepted will be blocked for all levels
Red protector

Permanent Protection

If there is a red lock on the screen, it means that the page is under total protection indefinitely, it is for only administrators to access & locks down the page of editing, anyone who is to remove this lock would be blocked for all levels. This lock however, doesn't mean the page is move protected, it must be paired with a green lock, just like the gold & silver locks.
Silver protector


If there is a silver lock, only registered users are allowed to edit & it is posted in case of vandalism
Blue protector

Creation Stopping

If a blue lock is posted, no one except for administrators, can create that specific page, this is to prevent spamming & it cannot be paired up with the green or red lock or any other
Green protector

Move Protection

If there is a green lock posted, no one except for administrators, can move or redirect the page, anyone caught in the act of doing so would be blocked


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