A block on a wikia is the restriction of being able to edit or talk on a wikia. Blocks can last from a short minute to a long lifetime.


Main article: Galaxy Wars Wikia: Rules

A perfect way to get blocked is to violate the rules of the wikia.

Violated rule blocksEdit

Rule violation Shortest block Longest block
Fandom articles 1 day 1 year
Fandom/unnecessary information 3-10 days 1 year
Broken/unused redirects 1 month 2 years
Renaming articles 3-6 months 3 years
Strong/vulgar language/profanity 6 months 5 years
Failed conduct 1-5 days 3 weeks
Flame wars 2 months 4 years
Cyberbullying 1 month 5 years
Tattling/Blamed cyberbullying 9 months 5 years
Banishment from the Wikia (for any violations) Indefinite Indefinite

Banishment from the WikiaEdit

Being kicked off the wikia is a humiliation no one wants to suffer.

How you get yourself banned?Edit

You get banned by failing to follow the rules to the point that it becomes intolerable. This would be doing something such as mass spamming, blaming people for cyberbullying twice, starting several flame wars & failing to conduct yourself on the wikia for several times

Violation countsEdit

On the user screen, viewable by only administrators, will be a number of the times the user has been blocked & why.

Rule Counts
Fandom articles 5
Fandom/unnecessary information 4
Broken/unused redirects 3
Renaming articles 4
Strong/vulgar language/profanity 3
Failed conduct 6
Flame wars 2
Cyberbullying 2
Tattling/blamed cyberbullying 2
Wikia Banishment 1

The counts for certain rules are cumulative. If you've violated both failed conduct & profanity at the same time, the number goes on to your page as 2 ones. If you use profane language while failing to conduct yourself two more times, even though for failed conduct, it'll take 3 more counts, you will be kicked off the wikia for the 3 counts of profanity.

What happens once you're banned?Edit

When you are banned, a red sign turns up & it will tell you that you have been locked out. It will look like this:

Red protector " User: Galaxy Wars Wikia: Blocks has been banned from the wikia..."
This user has been banned for the counts of {{{violation}}}. Anything marked "Yes" is still permitted to them, anything marked "No" is out of the question:
  • Account creation:
  • Email:
  • Talk page editing:
  • IP address:
  • Log-in users IP address:

This user contact any administrators & request to have the ban lifted on this wikia. If they can't, they'll have to leave a message on another wikia the administrator is a part of.


There will be terms of what you can & cannot do on the wikia anymore. If it is an editing dysfunction, you can still converse between all of the users, but are forbidden from being able to edit. If it's a problem with conduct between users, you will be blocked on the grounds of both editing & conversation.

How to undo a banishment?Edit

If you are banned from editing, you may contact myself or any other administrators & ask if you could be allowed to edit again. If you are banned from conversation, you'll have to send an email or leave a message on a talk page on another wikia of the desired administrator. If you have a good reason & you explain your actions, you could be let back on, depending on the severity of your past actions.

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