There is a set of rules on the wikia:



  1. No adding fandom articles
  2. No false info in already existing articles
  3. If you intend to create an article that is linked by another page, just put in "Coming soon" & the End of Article Template (i.e. {{EOA}})
  4. No adding spam links or categorys
  5. Only put categorys that exist such as Article Stubs onto pages
  6. No renaming pages
  7. No unused or broken redirect adding
  8. No flame wars


  1. No strong or vulgar language is to be expressed on any articles &/or talk pages
  2. Users who fail to conduct themselves on talk pages will be blocked
  3. It is the responsibility of users to report problems to the administrators. If they have violated the rules, they will be blocked

User status

Failure to comply with the rules for limited times in the future will get the violator eventually kicked off the wikia



Main article: Galaxy Wars Wikia: Blocks

The violation of certain rules once or multiple times will become punishable by the means of failure to contribute to the wikia for certain time & reason

Edit Blocks


Adding fandom or spam is a major/minor violation depending on severity, possible punishment could range from a day to year

Fandom/False info

Adding extra/unnecessary or false info into articles is just as major or minor as fandom & spam articles. The punishment can range from a few days to a year

Broken/Unused Redirects

Unused or Broken Redirects is a major spamming issue that could happen if users invented redirects without using them or linking them to the correct article. The severity of the punishment can go from a month to at least two years

Renaming Pages

Renaming pages is a major violation. The punishment can range from three or six months between three years.

Talk Blocks

The only talking blocks that are to be used are for vulgar language. The punishment of vulgar language can run from six months to a year

Banishment from the Wikia

Being kicked off the wikia is a cause of a long or indefinite block that would usually last a lifetime, in which this is a cause by being punished before in the past for repeating or doing several violations of the rules. Getting kicked off a wikia is an unwanted block by all users, even administrators do not like to kick off the users of the wikia. The banishment cannot be undone on this wikia unless if the blockee whose being kicked off can contact the administrator that blocked them on a different wikia they can be found on with a good explanation why to have the block removed.

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