George Shane was a military doctor that was assigned to attend to Marcus Finch's recovery from a carriage accident on April 14, 153 B.C., when Pinky attacked Finch & attempted to kill him.


Early YearsEdit

Attack on Marcus FinchEdit

On April 14, 153 B.C., Shane was assigned to watch over Marcus Finch as he recovered. At 10:15 p.m., Shane & Marcus Finch's brother, Goldie, heard noise from the hall & the servant, Edward Bell, screaming "Murder!". Goldie asked Shane to block the door while a female assassin attempted to break into the room. Pinky broke down the door & clobbered Shane into unconsciousness. Pinky then killed Goldie & attempted to kill Finch. She then left a red kiss mark on Goldie's cheek & another one on Shane's cheek & left two red kiss marks on both of Harold Finch's cheeks.



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