George Mason Winston
Vital statistics
Born on:
Died on: 660 B.C.
Gender: Male
Race: White
Age: 25
Social life
Other statistics
Resides on/in: Wolfenstein, Mount Madagascar, Madagascar, Eris
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
Other Appearances:
Last Appearance:

George Mason Winston was the eldest brother of the four Winstons during the Erian Generation G. He led the family from the time he was 16 till his death. He was sentenced to death by hanging after losing a trial for harassment & battery.


Early YearsEdit


In Week 37 of Cornelius Jackson Finch's newspaper column in the Daily Madagascar, a statement about the Winston family appeared in the headlines. The statement was a controversially defamatory joke on their ways of life & ideals. George, learning this headline, was angry at first, but calmed himself & reported it to Lord Marcus Finch (who would later be known as Lycaon). Finch refused to do anything about the statement & felt like he had been harassed & he was afraid that George's message was threatening him & his brother. Finch gave the news to his brother, approached the court & filed a warrant for George's arrest.

Arrest & trialEdit

A week after the warrant was filed, Madagascan Royal Security entered the Winston home & arrested George Winston. He was charged with one count of harassment & two counts of battery. He appeared before the judicial court & was "fairly" (with lies strewn all over it) tryed & "prosecuted" by the courts. He lost on a landslide as the jury was fearing of Lycaon, who was threatening with a total grip that restricted a maximum of votes innocent to zero. George was sentenced to death by hanging.


One week after Harold Winston's arrest, George approached the gallows in the court. George Winston was the fourth to last person in the Madagascan Empire's history to have hanging as capital punishment. When Julien IX witnessed a criminal get hanged when the prosecution & jury had conspired to vote a unanimous guilty by bribery, Julien passed a sentence law removing hanging from a method as a death penalty & any illegal hangings by the government would result in life punishment in prison to the one(s) responsible.


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