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Title: Lord of the Dead
Gender: Male
Race: White
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Hades is the universal god of the Land of Dead, Atomic Island, he is not called any other name in every mythology from Mercury to Pluto.

Saturnian mythologyEdit

The name of Atomic Island can often be called the Land of Hades or just Hades for short. The River Styx is believed to be where Saturn & Saturnus first provided water refreshment to Saturn, but it's said somewhere in the river, there is mouth or end that leads directly to the Sea of Limbo, but you don't die.

In the CourtEdit

Hades is the Chief/Supreme Judge of the Court & he decides the punishment or where the soul is to go. Hades already streamlined Diana before her final night on Uranus & Thanatos sent her to Asphodel while Ivan the Dead went to the court & was requested to be a judge for another soul in the court, he then changed the idea & put Ivan in the Forge, After hearing Thanatos bringing the news of Ivan trying to escape Asphodel, Hades called a court case & didn't participate in the voting as the decision was unanimous for Ivan & during his rebirth, Thanatos was sent to recapture him & Hades streamlined an Option 1 Punishment for his return.