An Ice Kiss (sometimes called a Freeze Kiss) is a kiss Pinky gives when wearing a special lipstick.


Pinky usually kisses her victim, if she kisses them on the lips, the lipstick would freeze them inside-out so they would become ice statues, if she kisses them on the cheek or any part of their body that's not their lips, that body part would get frostbite.


Pinky used the kiss on some of her trophys that she keeps in her icy chamber prison of Mount Everest. She often tryed to use the kiss on Julien XIII, but failed or kissed his cheek. Pinky used the Ice Kiss on soldiers she captured & held prisoners at Chapel Island, she used it to torture Julia V to marry Clemson when she refused. She managed to kiss Bart Sampson on the lips & paralyzed him to become a trophy, but Orenthal saved Bart from ending up freezing to death.


Victims of the Ice Kiss are known to also have been found with red kiss marks on their cheeks, which Pinky made after kissing them. These marks became known as her signature kiss.

Kissed on the lipsEdit


Kissed on the cheeksEdit