Jake Claude
Vital statistics
Born on: Sometime before 500 B.C.
Died on: Ring 4, 25, 474 B.C.
Title: None
Gender: Male
Race: White
Age: Deceased, 22
Social life
Family: Unknown
Enemys: None
Other statistics
  • Andromeda research astronaut
Resides on/in: Saturn
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
Other Appearances:
Last Appearance:

Jake Claude is a Saturnian astronaut, who flew on Andromeda 203 on it's attempted mission to Minerva. Claude undergone space training by the Saturnian Academy. His flight honor was short-lived as well as his life as the trauma of Andromeda 203 killed him about 8 days after returning to Saturn.


Early YearsEdit

Not much is known about Claude's early years. He was trained in the Saturnian Space Academy & was enlisted by Chess Masters to be trained as an astronaut for an Andromeda mission.

Andromeda 203Edit

Claude was put on as the backup pilot for the CSM Odyssey on Andromeda 203. John Chase, the original pilot, contracted a case of measles, which also seemed to have sprouted out of James Bell's earlier pneumonia, back during the Andromeda 201 mission. Claude replaced Chase. After a broadcast on Day 3 of the trip, Claude was told to stir the two liquid oxygen tanks, exactly 93 seconds after he hit the switch, the O2 tank 2 exploded causing the O2 tank 1 relief valve to leak. Claude shut down Odyssey & moved to join Milhouse Van Houseman & George Anderson in the PM Aquarius. Claude faced awful freezing conditions inside Aquarius as they went into the shadow of Minerva. Upon landing back on Saturn, Claude refused to be re-enrolled for another Andromeda mission until he recovered.


The mental trauma of the experience of Andromeda 203 shocked Claude's nervous system, which after 8 days on Saturn, Claude died from his 12 day shock. The shock began when the Andromeda 203 O2 tanks burst & caused Claude to go into a traumatic death shock. The fourth day back on Saturn, Claude's nervous system paralyzed him & two days later, he became comatose after being hospitalized & his heart rate stopped completely on the day he died, which doctors attempted to restart it by using shock panels, but failed to realize that it wouldn't work until after trying it.


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