James Orenthal Cornelius Winston
Vital statistics
Born on: Sometime before 100 B.C., Wolfenstein, Mount Madagascar, Madagascar, Eris
Died on: Sometime after 70 B.C., Madagascan mainland, Madagascar, Eris
  • Winston the Evil
Gender: Male
Race: White
Age: 18
Social life
Friends: Unknown
Frenemys: Unknown
Other statistics
  • Lord
  • King
  • Blacksmith
Resides on/in: Mount Madagascar, Madagascar, Eris
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance: None
Other Appearances: None
Last Appearance: None

James Winston was the grandson of Orenthal Winston & king/lord of Madagascar. He was considered the worst lord ever due to his failure while he succeeded the third greatest lord of all time. Winston's time as lord was for life when he was selected at the age 18.


Reign of Julien XVEdit

Winston was a blacksmith in the Wolfenstein village since he was 6 years old during the reign of Julien XV.


He was coronated when the Sky Spirits picked him in the sacred court & became the successor of Julien XV & the Julien family when he was 18.


Winston ruled the empire for about 27 years since his coronation, at the late time towards the end of his reign, the empire failed badly & he was called the worst lord ever.



Winston undid every Julien-era law & accomplishment that had occurred in Madagascan history, this action caused the following in the government:

Separatist AllianceEdit

By the time Winston was 31, his actions that ended the trades with the Amazons caused angry mobs to spring out of control. Immediately, Madagascans, feeling betrayed, banded together to betray Winston & became part of the Separatist Alliance, which they held as a form of separatism, an act of leaving the nation until demands are met, no government will apply to separatists. Winston ignored the Alliance's death threats & simply sent Royal Security agents. Unknown to him, the Royal Security agents had joined the Alliance. When Winston was 42, the Separatists stormed the court & killed everyone, Winston didn't replace it.

Execution & DeathEdit

Because he undid everything that had been accomplished since Julien I to Julien XV, the bylaw of Julien V had been repealed, causing the lord to have less or greater power than the court, seesawing back & forth. Eventually, angry mobs of traitors & separatists stormed the court & killed everyone. This left Winston in control of the whole empire, but his time as total emperor was short-lived as the separatists finally caught up to him, storming Mount Madagascar & brought him into the mainland. Winston was unjustly tryed & found guilty as the worst lord ever & abuse of power & was sentenced for capital punishment, which was to be done by the means of decapitation. The day of his execution, Winston was brought in front of a crowd of angry separatists & traitors, put onto a guillotine & was subsequently beheaded.