John Steven Gibson was the lieutenant of Colonel Orenthal Winston & his squadron was traded with Sergeant Edward Smith's. Gibson is described by Orenthal as a "complete idiot" or the "king of stupidity" & his entire class.


Early YearsEdit

Academic PerformanceEdit

Gibson was the valedictorian of the entire lower grading class. His highest grades are in the C areas while his lowest grades are Fs. According to Orenthal Winston, Gibson & his entire class have solid F averages & Gibson, albeit his GQ, is the smartest kid in the entire class.

Armed Service/Second War of Madagascar & AfricaEdit

Selection by Marcus FinchEdit

In an idea to annoy Colonel Winston, Marcus Finch, the military selector, selected & exported Gibson's class from the Academy to Colonel Winston's squadrons, who were promoted to a sergeant squadron, despite the fact that most teachers protested his decision.

Colonel Orenthal WinstonEdit

It is unknown when Gibson's class was exported to Winston's squadron. However, Orenthal Winston taught naval rescue, which was the low point of his military training career as a colonel. Even with the simple procedures of the Madagascan Naval Response Team, the entire class failed miserably & Winston often yelled at them.

Academic deportation attemptEdit

In 151 B.C., Winston, fed up with Gibson's class's GQ & lack of brains or ambition to follow orders, attempted to deport Gibson's class back to the Academy for "remedial standardizing". However, Marcus Finch reexported the class & ordered that they have graduated & he erased all records of them from the school computer. Gibson's class was then imported to a lower military squadron & Marcus Finch replaced Gibson's class vacancys with students who are even worse than the original.

Trade to Sergeant SmithEdit

Tired of debate, Winston met with a friend, Sergeant Edward Smith, & heard of the excellency of their condition. Orenthal asked to trade his squadron with Smith's as Smith might be the person who could whip the trainees into shape.

Marcus Finch's spin offEdit

Marcus Finch discovered this & went to the court & undid Orenthal's trade, saying that only the selector has the power to do this.

Return to WinstonEdit

Winston was enraged to learn that he'd been forced to keep the same troops & went to Julien for help. Julien had no power to interfere after firing Finch as selector at some point earlier as of the Royal Court's actions (If the Bylaw of Julien V had not been passed, Julien would retain the power to fire the selector if necessary). To assist Winston, Julien went to the judicial courts to overrule the Royal Court's rulings based off of Finch's threats & actions. Finch somehow cheated the system again & locked Gibson's troops into Orenthal's squadron & this meant they could not be assigned to anyone else & there was a secret password needed in a computer to unlock them for reassignment & no one could crack it.


Gibson died some point during the war.


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