Julia V was the queen/lady of the Madagascan Empire & was Lord-King Julien XIII's crush & wife.

Known BioEdit

150 B.C.Edit

In 150 B.C., Lord Julien XIII, most commonly called King Julien XIII, King Julien or just Julien, was often seen by Bart Sampson eying her whenever she was around.


It is hinted that Julia eventually marryed Julien & they had a kid they named Julien XIV. Bart hinted that she was lucky to have Julien XIV before her honeymoon with Julien at Madagascar's only waterfall, Niagara Falls, as they never came back to the peak of Mount Madagascar. It is possible the two went over the falls & died in a barrel.


Julia's son was too young at the time as of the Friday after their deaths, the Sky Spirits (a.k.a. Sky Gods or Gods of Madagascar) counseled a new king out of Julien's right-hand man as lord & king until the day that Julien XIV would become old enough to inherit the crown as he was officially a prince or not considered royal until the day he turned 13 years old.