The Julien Airbus Explorer II Flight 5 was the fifth & final flight of the Julien Airbus Explorer II. The plane was badly damaged during an test, resulting in a ditching accident that had the plane landed immediately on the ocean floor, almost costing the lives of everyone onboard. The plane returned safely 4 days after the accident & landed in the Madagascan Ocean. The flight was widely publicized & it almost led to the end of John Winston's flight career.


Pilots/Flight crewEdit

Name Position Status
John Winston Command Pilot Seventh flight
James Watson Backup Pilot Sixth flight
Marcus Jackson Inspector Second flight

Support crewEdit

Name Position
Julien XV Leader
George Chase PLACOM (Plane Communicator)
Jeffrey Haise FLP (Flight procedures)
Edward Finch FSI (Flight Safety Inspector)
James Pogue ARC (Altitude Recording Crew)
Andrew Simpson GRST (Ground Recovery Support Team)
Nathan Jefferson ESM (Electrical System Monitor)
Seymour Rosenthal GFM (Gasoline/Fuel Monitor)
John Watson CWI (Crew Wellness Inspector)
Orenthal Johnson FCM (Flight Control Monitor)


Name Occupation Status
Dimitri Winston II Diver Third flight
Stephanie Johnson Supermodel actress First flight
Atticus Johnson III Second flight
George Ackerman Industrialist First flight
Harold Starkey Actor First flight
Grover Wilson Vehicular specialist Second flight
William Jackson Actor First flight

Passenger backgroundEdit

After the last flight, the public began thinking that flying on airplanes wasn't as safe as it was for John Winston. Winston decided that the public should know how safe flying was & that there wasn't going to be any problems. Winston invited his cousin, Dimitri, to be a passenger onboard. He also had special guests such as the supermodel actress, Stephanie Johnson & her husband, Atticus Johnson III. The supermodel wanted to promote the fact that flying was safe. Winston also invited another two actors, which the three were supposed to be in a film together with the three on the Airbus. Winston also had some close friends that helped working on the Airbus. The plane had also been replaced with new engines as the old engines seemed to have caused a wobble effect on the plane before landing during that last flight, which nearly caused the plane to explode.


Takeoff & Day 1Edit

The Airbus took off from it's runway on April 21 at 11:30 a.m. Winston noted that the new engines worked fine. During the thrust launch, there was a minor situation: The central engine for the rocket charge that would help shoot the plane off the runway in case the wind was heavy, failed & shut down too early. Another incident happened, before takeoff even began, when Winston was firing up the engines, the starboard inboard engine/engine 3 was steaming & it seemed to misfire for a few seconds before finally turning on. Everyone inside the plane got situated in their bunks & not much happened between takeoff & curfew. The plane flew over the forests & began journeying across the Erian Ocean by 2:15 p.m.

Day 2Edit

James Watson, keeping a vigil for flying the temporary autopilot overnight, told Winston to take the next shift. Stephanie Johnson, William Jackson & Harold Starkey performed a scene on the plane. Winston, letting the safety inspector check the pilot's controls, had a brief encounter with the supermodel actress. He nearly got caught by Atticus Johnson III when he was in her bunk, kissing her. Winston returned to the control center & found everything working fine. Later, he had a live broadcast to everyone about the experiences of the passengers onboard & how well everything went.

Day 3 (07:00:00-08:59:59)Edit

Winston took a sleeping vigil shift, exhanging places with Watson. After 7:00 a.m., Winston had another affair with the actress Stephanie Johnson. He was later called at around 8:30 a.m., to fill out a series of papers in his cabin to the safety inspector Marcus Jackson along with a report to persuade why the upgrade of X-6 engines would help with the plane.


Test run (09:00:00-09:30:00)Edit

Explorer II Flight 5 altitude path

The white line in this chart symbolizes the altitude path of the entire voyage. The movement of the line is based relative to distance, not time. The gray lines symbolizes the end of one day in the flight while the blue line is sea level & the red line is a danger zone

Winston ordered Watson to be in the pilot's seat until he returns. Flight Control called in & requested John Winston's presence. Winston ordered Watson to also conduct any tests called up by Flight Control

Coming soon


Flight PlanEdit

The original flight plan had scheduled that the flight would last approximately four days between takeoff & landing. However, due to the explosion, the flight was delayed midway & the flight ended three days behind schedule, leaving $3,000,000 lost.


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